Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Zombie Bite!!! Till Head Shot do us part? A Zombie Wedding!!

I guess this means from death they will not part? Or at least till a "Head shot!" Found this one on ITN's Youtube channel
"Two horror fans from Liverpool have tied the knot in the UK's first ever zombie-themed wedding. Zombie bride Jennifer Jones walked down the aisle with her husband Rob Blackmore after being transformed into flesh-eating zombies by a team of make-up artists. Their dream wedding took place after the couple, from Stockbridge, won a competition to mark the release of new zombie computer game, Dead Island Riptide. Report by Andrea Lilly."

Meet the Zombie Family!!!
Zombie bride Jennifer Jones and her Zombie Groom Rob Blackmore and Zombie Horde (or family) 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eat Me! A Random Zombie Bite Update!!!

An Update on one of our older Random Zombie Bites for the film Eat Me!!   You can now see Eat Me!... on follow link Eat Me! (free, but with commercials) and also on Eat Me! on Epixhd

Zombie Killing Accessories!!!

Everything you need to become a mean Zombie ass kicking machine!!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Attack!!

Found this today in my random search for Zombie Hordes. Done by Improve in Toronto (who also has a video with ninjas, just saying) First I want to say I wish I could see this once in a while when I am on the way to work. Second watch the beginning about 5 seconds in the old guy walks right past like it is a normal thing that a Zombie is chewing up some dude on a bench. A little corny but well worth the Random Zombie Bite!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zombies Under Your Skin!!!

Here are some bad ass Zombie Tats I found looking on the net I have tried to include links and credit for all the artists in this blog entry as in the past I have found some cool tattoos, but they had no info so here we go...
The first is by Jamie Parker from MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA I could not find the info (other than the artist) on this tat but it appears to be General Patton as a Zombie.
The next one is one of my favorites in this group it looks so realistic and is by Daniel Chashoudian from MD Tattoo Studio  

The next couple are by Evan Olin of Powerline Tattoo  He has some really sick work in his gallery.

                           This Tat comes from Tattoos by Paul Acker 

And the final Zombie under your skin for now is by Liz Cook Tattoos

Great Resource to Save your Ass during the Zombie Apocalypse!!!

Today I found a great resource when the zombie shit hits the fan...Wait! That's fucking gross....How about a site to save your ass when the Zombies are chomping at it? or even better, Let's go with the simple, a site on how to survive  the Zombie apocalypse? Yeah that's good. Why reinvent the frigging wheel?
 The Zombie Survival Channel ZMZReloaded on Youtube  Has a ton of stuff from survival topics to movie reviews and for you gamers yes those also. This is from their about us section

"Whether you are looking for how to survive a zombie apocalypse or just want updated on zombie movies coming out, This channel is perfect for you!
The More subscribers I get on my channel means the more things I can do with it. I have a list below of things I will do when I reach a certain number of subscribers. So if ur a fan...then SUBSCRIBE! Duh!"
500 subs - Game/Movie Reviews
1000 subs - Spotlight Videos (of Fans)
5000 subs - Dan The Survival Man
10,000 subs - Weapon Testing and Reviews
15,000 subs - Zombie Survival Web Series (and not that retarded bullshit either)

Here I have highlighted some of their videos and have now posted their link on our Survival Links page (they have a ton of great videos and I just grabbed a few) The topics that I pulled from their page are The 5 Worst places to go during the Zombie Apocalypse, Travel Plans, Long hair or Short hair and Pistols vs Shotgun vs Rifles
Have fun I am sure I will revisit with some more of their stuff in the future....
5 Worst Places to go

Travel Plans

Long hair vs Short Hair

Pistols vs Shotguns vs Rifles

Random Zombie Bite!!! Stan's Rant!!

Stan as in Stan Lee (for you non comic nerds, or those of you who have lived under a fucking rock for the last 50 years or so, he would be the king of comic book creators) gives his thoughts on the whole Zombie phenomenon..... Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Walking Dumb!!! A Parody

Have you ever thought about if The Walking Dead broke out into a musical? Well this may be the closest you will see it (although I am sure someone will take The Walking Dead to Broadway at some point, to squeeze out a few more bucks) Anyway This parody by  Teddie Films gives you a look through the eyes of those lovable walking corpses, and how they may be "The Walking Dumb"

Something We Dug up On The Net!!! Zombies! Eat Flesh!!

Do you have a craving for a meaty, bloody, sandwich that will keep you a trim, fit, bloodthirsty killing member of the living dead? Well Eat Flesh!!!!

Zombie T of the Month!!!

Found a pretty cool t-shirt on The Zombie Food pyramid by Mike Capen 

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Honeymoon!!

Til' Death Do us Part!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

See you on the other side...of the Memorial day weekend!!! Vets We Salute You!!!

 We here at Revolution Dead Salute all the men and women who have served, are serving and someday will serve....

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend and remember why you can get shitfaced at your BBQ. Someone Fought and or died for that freedom...
 Freedom is not Free!!!

How Everything goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse.

 So I was writing a post about how a Zombie Apocalypse starts and where it leads then I found this. If a picture is worth a Thousand words well I am going with this. I had similar ideas written but changed them a bit to co-exist with this comic strip (You know coexist something we all fuck up and that is how...Wait we will get to that) Anyway here is "How Everything goes to Hell  During a Zombie Apocalypse."

It always starts with a fucking Scientist who thinks he is doing some great work with animals or in this case a gorilla...

Once bitten as if they have never seen a Zombie flick they ignore any and all Symptoms. You know the fever, urge to bite the head off a small child, maybe pissing blood. This guy is supposed to be smarter than the rest of us schmucks right?,

Now here is where the shit gets thrown at the fan...The doctor gets his ass bit and spreads that shit quicker than a venereal disease in a whore house. Again Smart people fucking shit up!

Remember I said the shit was thrown at the fan? Well it hit it. Bulls eye!!! Once the doctor has spread his Zombie seed everywhere. The news readers come telling everyone to stay inside as they report from ground zero (thus spreading the virus further) But instead of barricading yourself inside, guns pointed at the door, you have to see the train wreck yourself or "make sure loved ones are safe".... You just fucked up! You are now screwed!

 I do understand you love these people so if they are safe get the fuck back inside and ride this shit out. If they seem a little off. Well that is because they want to eat the flesh off your sorry ass. Love will not conquer all in this situation his or her flesh mauling mouth well though. You may love them but they are not themselves anymore they are flesh eating, walking dead monsters. Don't lock them up hoping they will turn back or a cure will be found. Shoot them in the fucking face!!!

There is ALWAYS a "Safe place" for people to go. I call BULLSHIT! It is usually just a zombie buffet delivery style. Now 100 Zombies turn into 500 great job dickheads!!

Now that you have been cut off from your home, a place that has I don't know food, shelter that can be protected from all sides and guns might be a good place to stay. (now you may not have access to all this in said place but it should be a nearby option, if not at least find a liquor store so you can get completely shitfaced before the horde gets you)

Now there is always the human element to all this. Instead of saying "It's us against them" the Alpha dogs always show up and start bitching at one another about who wants to be King Dipshit. They get into an argument or fistfight, someone always gets pissed, walks off  and leaves something unlocked or gets bitten because they are more worried about who can piss the furthest!
Guess what you are all fucked now!!! The world is done and now so are you....
Great Job Assholes! Way to get along when the shit hits the fan.

Random Zombie Bite and A Poster Picked from the Grave Friday Special!!!

Also known as Bloodeaters, Toxic Zombies made in 1980 is B-horror to the core. 
"After drug crops are sprayed with a chemical by a passing airplane, the growers of the crop are poisoned by the chemical and turn into zombie-like mutants."
I love the poster art. It is colorful and gets to the point bringing your eye from the plane and description on top down to the Zombie coming for you. If you are into low budget B flicks Toxic Zombies (or Bloodeaters) is one for you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Zombie Bite!!! Funny Moments!!

I wanted something fun for today's Random Bite!!! This is not exactly what I was looking for but it will work... This is the Top 5 funniest moments in Zombie films.

A highlight is from Zombi 2 (also known as Zombie) directed by Lucio Fulci  is the ridiculous scene where a Zombie fights a shark. Others? Well you have to watch.... from  Judalina on youtube 

Top 5 Funniest Zombie Movie Moments

Zombie or Zombie Hunter? While you sleep!

Every wonder why your slumber party pj's were so boring?? Well you never had pj's like these!!
You want to be a Zombie or a Zombie hunter while you sleep?

You have decided you want to sleep like the undead (maybe without the rotting flesh bad smell, I would hope. Otherwise you have issues)

Well with These Zombie pajamas from   with a Button up front and even a working button bottom flap!! they are  $40.00 and you can become "The Sleeping Dead"

Getting your Zombie on while you sleep not your style? You would rather go all zombie slayer?

So you would rather be a Zombie hunter well there is a pair of PJ's out there for you ladies and men also...Ladies first

"Because you just never know when you're gonna need to massacre some brain eating Zombies, you need to be dressed in the right attire at all times! Therefore, everybody should own a pair of these cool Zombie Killing Pj's! This PJ set includes the black Zombie Killing vest'  Ladies Zombie Killer Pjs from Jukpop 

For the guys, it's kill or be eaten...... The zombie hunter 2 from Brainburst designs on I don't think this needs a description the picture says it all. Be comfortable while you hunt zombies...

It does come in women's also....Sweet Dreams Zombie hunters!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Zombie Bite!!! Musical style!!!

Some days I feel like movie clips some days I feel like music so here is The Cranberries "Zombie"

Something we Dug Up On The Net!!! What is a Zombie Horde?

If you need help as to what a Zombie Horde is. According to the Urban Dictionary it is
Zombie Horde:
Masses of bio genetically enhanced or cursed individuals on the rampage for human meat. Often the destruction of mankind (more affective but not as clean as pirates or ninjas). Zombie hordes can be most often found in two places:
1) Cities in a Zombie Apocalypse after some unwitting team mate triggers a car alarm, breaks a window, knocks over a trash can, etc.
2) Remote prairies and abandoned towns in the Midwest.
Tom: Hey, let's split directions while there are roving bands of zombie hordes about!
Betty: Okay! What's the worst that could happen?
Tom: Certainly not one of us getting cornered, turned into a flesh eating ghoul, and finding the other one totaly trusting while they turn their back and we proceed to eat their brains!
Betty: Let's go!
For those of you who do not read so well, it is simple look below

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where do Zombie's Go To Poop? A Survival Tip

We all know when in public there are logos for the men's room and the women's room....
Pretty straight forward right?
But where do Zombies go when they have to...Well Go Poop?

Well for the undead out there reading my posts and saying to themselves, "This asshole thinks we actually go to the restroom for that shit?"(no pun intended here) I say I need content and I am filling said content up with a semi original post and something that is not covered by your average Zombie flick. So Fuck off you Undead Zombie bastard.

For the living this is what the symbols will look like so you don't wind up dead while taking a dump of your very own....

Would you go Bowling with a Severed Zombie Head?

Would you go Bowling with a Severed Zombie Head? Well Unfortunately unless an actual breakout happens and you chop off a Zombies head these are no longer available but I felt the need to post just because they are cool as hell. Now you can get the first one from DV8 Through Amazon but the 13th Street balls out of Germany seem hard to come by. Anyhow I thought the pics were pretty cool, so I wanted to share with you Zombie lovers out there.

Zombie Bowling Ball By DV8

13the Street Bowling Balls

Random Zombie Bite!!! Ozzy and the Living Dead!

 What do you get when you add  Ozzy Osbourne's Zombie Stomp and George Romero's "Dead" flicks? A Kick ass Zombie video! That's what!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Do You Want to Play Army men Versus Zombies? Hell Yeah!!!

Remember playing with Army men as a kid? I would play for hours with little plastic soldiers that did not even move. Now you can get Army Men Versus Zombies from Think Geek Really they are Zombies Versus Zombie Hunters but anyone my age knows they are Army Men.  

They are $9.99 for all this....
  • Comes in a retro-style grab bag!
  • 35 pieces included
  • 5 different types of Zombie and Zombie Hunters
  • Lime green and navy blue avoids the iconic forest green of the army man allowing for awesome campaigns and reintroduction of the plastic soldiers!
  • Fun for kids, obviously, and adults for their nostalgic parody!

That my friends is $9.99 of Fucking awesome!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

How do you Survive a Zombie Breakout?

How do you Survive a Zombie breakout? Well most of the following is somewhat obvious if you have ever watched a Zombie flick in your life. But hey nothing like a little review before the big test. You don't want to get caught with your pants down (and we will cover that lil' diddy below) and a hungry flesh muncher comes around the corner starving for a  meat snack. But much like I studied for finals in High School years ago, I try to have some fun with it to remember all this shit. So here we go!

First thing is first. Are we dealing with lumbering, slow walking Zombies who, if you come upon, one at a time you can actually razz, kick them in the junk and take down easy? (note if they come in hordes, catch you by with your pants down, again we will get to that below, corner and overwhelm you they are still dangerous. Very dangerous) or are they the track star zombies growling snarling and running like fucking crazed flesh eating bastards? We have seen them both.The slow moving undead in movies like Night of the Living Dead and the fast moving monsters in 28 days Later and the Dawn of the Dead the remake.
Know your enemy people. As a side note the Zombie apocalypse can be fun. Think about a few of those people out there you absolutely hate, or in the past have made your life miserable. As a human being you should never take another persons life unless yours is threatened and you have no choice. But if that fuckstick becomes a zombie all bets are off. You knock on their front door and say "Hello shithead you home?" If they answer they are obviously not part of the living dead, and you can just run up dickpunch them and be on your merry way. But if they have turned. BANG! shoot that son of a bitch right in the face. (again this is only in the case of a Zombie breakout and that asshole has turned) Let's move on shall we?

This bring us to Avoid contact (I know it contradicts the above but those assholes deserve your attention) weather you are running your ass off screaming like a frigging moron or just trying to keep quiet and avoid a bunch of dead dudes who appear to be stoned out of their minds and in the mood for flesh munchies, don't let them touch you. If they don't touch you they can't bite you, scratch you, or slow you down long enough to get overrun.

To avoid getting touched you may want to arm yourself. Guns are always a plus. You can keep your distance and aim for the brain. What type is up to you but the more common the ammo is the easier it is to stay well armed (used to be .22 or 9mm but these days even that is hard to find) Shotguns are always good they can be aimed and BOOM! take that son of a bitch's head clean off. Now the down side to a gun if you watch shows like The Walking Dead is a gunshot can attract Beta Gamma Zombie or the fraternal order of I am dead and want to chew on your arm. A simple weapon is a baseball bat, swing for the fences and bash their fucking brains out. A long knife or sword is also great as it is silent and a quick zombie lombatomy will do the trick. The best of both worlds is again from the Walking Dead a Crossbow, where you can keep your distance and put them down.

A pair of good running shoes is always advisable. If we go to Rule number 1 of Zombieland you are going to need a good pair of shoes to keep out of reach especially if they are track star zombies.

Water (you have to hydrate) and food is a give me. If you can't rehydrate or feed yourself, you are going to be both weak and eventually drop dead anyway.

Transportation is huge if you can get a vehicle that will both protect you from the swarming hordes and get you from point A to Point B that is great. Just don't run out of gas or use one of those Vaginamobiles. Because at this point the world has gone to shit and a green car just ain't gonna cut it.

There are going to be other people out there. And if you can't trust them or they are in general just dickbags well Zombies will be problem number two. Because if they all rip you off or enjoy feeding other people to Zombies in some sickfuck gladiator diner theatre. Well that kind of sucks. On the other hand you may want to be part of a group that can fight them off take care of each other and in general have a society of other human beings you can interact with before you go bonkers take your own life and we have one more walking dead assclown to deal with.

 Which also brings us to a little sex doesn't hurt to keep your head straight. After all it may be the end of the world, but let's not get crazy, you need a release once in a while. Now don't get caught in the act (read above "with your pants down") nothing worse than getting your neck ripped apart while in the middle of a good bang bang. Then you have to concentrate on trying to blow a wad before succumbing to death. But hey I guess at least you'll  "Die Hard"
Know when to fight and when to get the fuck out of there. This pretty much speaks for itself. If you can without a doubt get the hell out of an area without much conflict. Go! Why fight and waste ammunition as well as the chance of getting caught off guard and getting bitten when you can just slip the fuck out the door.

Shelter is a good thing. If you can bunker down, with enough food water, weapons and protect yourself from all sides, with an escape route planned in case the zombie shit hits the fan. You may survive for a while. Eventually you will have to venture out once supplies run low. Which brings me to my last point and one that I never see on lists like these.

Be a fucking Ninja! I know it is a whole other genre, but if you have to go out and feed the troops, be silent like the wind but be able to kill those dead fuckers when needed. Just don't become a track star zombie because the rest of us do not want to deal with a crazed, zombie ninja..Otherwise we are all fucked!!!

Although I did not quote them below are some good references if you think my plan is bullshit! If you do. Well to each his own, I am going to japan to become a ninja! Later fuckers, see you on the other side!


The Zombie Survival Guide

Love pic from