Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 10 Must have Zombie Games from Tech News Daily


 Robert Workman of Tech News Daily has put together a list of Ten must have Zombie games TechNewsDaily 10 Best Zombie Games from "Dead Rising 2" to "The Walking Dead" As he says in his intro  "Whether you’re blasting their heads off with the help of fellow presidents or mowing them down with a chainsaw-laden motorcycle, you won’t get enough of leaving the dead in your wake."

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Women of Satan

UK trailer for the outrageous zombie comedy movie 


Zombie Women of Satan (2010) Hey it's Hot naked Zombie Chicks!!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Undead

Our Random Zombie Bite Is Zombie Undead  ABritish horror movie released in the UK and EIRE by Metrodome on 31st May 2011.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Zombie Bite!!! 2 Hours

Looking for something off the mainstream path today I found this award winning short 2 Hours An Award winning Zombie Short Directed by Michael Ballif and Written by Josh Merrill. Winner - Best Short Film - Macabre Faire Film Festival 2013(NY) I don't want to describe the whole flick you should go and watch it. But here from their YouTube Page is the synopsis....
"A nameless survivor is bitten and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world. With only 2 HOURS to find the missing survivors, he must move quickly before the virus spreads too far."
Great Short Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

No One Should Spend The Zombie Apocalypse Alone!

Okay when we say we look for anything on web that has to do with the undead. Well I did not realize Zombies date. Zombie Harmony "...because the Apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely."

They have singles like these fine rotting corpses..

Maybe Zombie Harmony can work for you.....
Keep in mind part of their disclaimer is "We advise signing up for ZombieHarmony only if you lack a pulse, have limited motor skills, or feel an intense desire to feast on human beings."

Open for Business!!!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Zee You Monday!!!!

Off to become a Zombie for the Weekend......Zee You Monday!! As Long as the Undead Don't get you!!!

Zombie Weekend Mashup!!! (It is a 3 for 1 I am off for the weekend Blog Post)

Well the weekend is about here and I have plans to be a Zombie myself. No not the walking dead, brain eating kind you have to shoot between the eyes. More the vegetable type, watching UFC 157 and doing some stuff around the house. So I leave you with a couple of things we Dug up on the net to hold you over till Monday. Also  a bit of Video for a Random Zombie Bite and  even a tasty Zombie treat. All in one Zombie mash up Blog post.

From the Monster Trading Company here is a cool treat for you and the kids. The Brain Freeze Ice Tray $9.50 Not too bad for some frozen brains!!! Just don't eat too fast if there are Zombie around otherwise they may eat your Brain...You know Brain freeze...Forget it!!!

And Of course I am going to do a random grab by searching Zombie guts on YouTube Let's see what we get...
Well it is a How to video on how to make and Use Zombie Guts for you Zombie filmmakers out there....

But be sure to check in after the weekend to see some more silly Zombie Shit!!! Don't let the Undead hordes catch you over the weekend, have a good one!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Zombie Bite! Zombie Cage Fighter!

Combining a couple of things I love Zombies and MMA Rubberonion had this trailer on their page. Animation by Stephen Brooks and the original idea from MMA fighter Nate QuarryZombie Cage Fighter "Zombie VS Human to the death!! Rules: Humans, no biting. Zombies, mostly biting." 

You can also check out the Zombie Cage Fighter site @

They have t-Shirts, and the Comic this Video is based off of.

Something we Dug up On The Net!!! Baby Biter!!!

 From the files of "Something we Dug Up On The Net!!!"

 Baby Biter!!! BWAINZ!!!!

Something We Dug Up On The Net!!! Hey Dipshits! You're Safe!!

Sweet!!! Brains!!!

In the mood for some brains? Have a sweet tooth to boot? Well from the website that brought you Zombie Hunting permits  here is a great gift for the baker in your life. 

Halloween Brains Cupcake Kit

Includes cupcake kit that includes cupcake mix, frosting mix, piping bag, (12) skull cupcake aprons and instructions. Makes (12) cupcakes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something We Dug Up On The Net!! Zombie Outbreak = Problem Solved!!

From The Files of "Something We Dug Up On The Net!!!
Surrounded by Mindless, Useless fucks? A Zombie Outbreak is Just What You Need!!
An actual Outbreak would allow you to shoot that motherfucker in the face that has been breaking your balls for years!!!
 (Disclaimer: this is ONLY and we mean ONLY in the case of an actual zombie outbreak and that tool you have always wanted to punch in the dick is turned into one of the walking dead and is about to take a bite out of your ass. Just because he or she is dumber than shit now is NO REASON TO OPEN FIRE. So once again if they become a Zombie then and ONLY then can you "Shoot that motherfucker in the face" We here at Revolution Dead do Not condone violence unless it is to protect yourself, your family or property from Zombies or Assholes trying to kill, steal, hurt or rape the ones you love or your property)

Disclaimer for disclaimer: Because we have a bunch of dipshits, dumbasses and fucking morons we need to put a disclaimer above so 1. stupid shit does not actually happen and they say well Rev Dead made us do it. And B. if dumb shit happens the other dipshits don't point the finger and say "they must have done it because Rev Dead made them do it"

Reality Shows Made Better With Zombies

From a really great Zombie website SHOOT FOR THE HEAD Comes an interesting article, written by Brock Cooper. The Top 5 Reality Shows made better with Zombies.

 Shows like Celebrity Apprentice, "I bet the contestants would work a lot harder if they instead of just being fired, they had to spend 10 minutes running away from a group of zombies." 
Or Survivor "drop this same group on an island with a few zombies and you’ll see a much more action packed show. There would be no need for an audience because odds are at least one get eaten, I mean, eliminated every episode." (damn the name itself lends to a Zombie reality show)

How about Ghost Hunters "Why not have the group run into the occasional zombie to liven the stakes a bit." (this was a show I used to really enjoy, now they don't find much, and that is not the problem, it's every time we go to a commercial you think they find something, only to return and it was another member breaking wind and scaring the shit out of their fellow hunters)
 Anyway, I am so fed up with most reality shows, but these I think I would watch. Look at the rest of the top 5 (yeah only two others, but the descriptions Brock writes are more in depth than the quotes I pulled)

BITE ME! Can Gamers Save Us All?

Found this older web series by
Bite Me was created (or at least online) in 2010 here is the synopsis from their trailer page.
"BITE ME. Follow three gamers as they find themselves in the midst of a real life zombie outbreak. Relying only on the knowledge and skills they have accrued over years of gaming, these guys will have to drop the controller and pick up anything that they can use as a weapon.

If they can survive, these unlikely heroes may just be humanity's best hope of surviving the undead uprising. (And, with any luck, they may also be able to impress the hot girl from across the street while they're at it!) But first, they'll have to battle zombie craigslist freaks, zombie milfs (Zilfs) and an entire onslaught of a freshly lifeless horde."

Below are two of the trailers and you can get to their web series by following this link 

You can also follow them on Twitter if you ar into the whole gaming side

Something We Dug Up On The Net! They are coming to get you BAAAAAAArbara!!!

From the files of, "Something we Dug up on the Net!"

They are coming to get you BAAAAAAAArbara!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zombie Hunting Permits

A Few Examples of the Zombie Hunting Permits from my Home State the state I now call home and the United States.
Found at

Great Site for your Zombie needs

We are Always Looking for Zombie Goodies here at Revolution Dead and I found a great Site loaded with Undead items for your entire family. I put a few things up but you need to check it out for yourself. 

You can get tons of Zombie items in their online store.  

Including candy

Zombie Hunting Permits for the country you live in or your state
They have endless categories of fun stuff from the Zombie Apocalypse!!!

Something We Dug Up On The Net!

From the files of, "Something we Dug up on the Net!"

Some Like it Dead!!

 Marylin Monroe is not gone she is just Zombified and is Seven Year Itching to take a bite out of you. Jim Charette has created numerous Zombie paintings (one of my family as well as of Obama. You can find both in older posts on this blog) and  he can make one for you or of you. You can find him through The Art of Jim Charette on Facebook!/artofjimcharette?fref=ts
You can also contact him through facebook @

10 Worst Zombie flicks of the Decade (2001-2010) By Igor's Lab

Found this video and list on YouTube but it was put up there by Igor's Lab. As with any bad movie Zombie, Horror, the Titanic or otherwise, there are always fans of them so if you watch the video and don't agree Igor's Lab has a link that explains why they chose what they chose on the list. It is also a great site for horror fans in general. This list was created in 2011.

The List

#10 Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006)
#9 Dawn of the Living Dead (2007)
#8 Gangs of the Dead (2007)
#7 Zombie Farm (2009)
#6 Zombie Women of Satan (2009)
#5 Day of the Dead 2 (2005)
#4 House of the Dead (2003)
#3 Zombie Nation (2006)
#2 Zombie Apocalypse Now (2010)
#1 Zombiez (2005)

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Zombified myself!!!!

You can make yourself into "The Walking Dead" with Let's build the Zombie hoards, without those nasty bites, infections and brain eating....

We Want You...To Like us on Facebook

Come like us on Facebook or you will probably die a horrible zombie death!!!

Random Zombie Bite! 3 For 1

Took the weekend off and having computer issues so here is a quick Zombie Bite! to hold you flesh eaters over till regular posts resume. Not sure if I agree totally with this top 5 Zombie deaths, but here are some Top 5 Zombie related Countdowns from youtube. Includes Zombie Deaths and Top Apocalypse flicks Be back soon with regular posts....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Zombie Bite! Aaah! Zombies!! Trailer

This one looks pretty good. A couple of guys and gals expose themselves to some sort of toxic ice cream and at first believe they are super soldiers, but then realize how everyone else sees them.... As Zombies!!!
Aaah! Zombies!! Trailer

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Zombie Bite! Ash Wednesday Edition!

Since it is Ashe Wednesday I figured our Random Zombie Bite should be something with Ash in it!!!! From Army Of Darkness  this is MY BOOMSTICK!!!

From the Pages of Zombie Nation The Valkyrie Armament BSR MOD-1

From the pages of Zombie Nation (brought to you by Guns & Ammo) Eric R. Poole gives us a review of the Valkyrie Armament BSR Mod-1


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

War of The Worlds meets Night of the Living Dead Hacker Style

War Of the Worlds meets Night of the Living Dead hacker style. As a hacker in Montana broke into programming to announce "the dead were rising from their graves in several counties" KRTV was the station hacked and later posted an apology on the net. and the site were I found this said in an update "MyFoxDC reports that the emergency broadcast scared some residents into calling the police: A call to KRTV was referred to a Montana Television Network executive in Bozeman. Jon Saunders didn't immediately return a call for comment. The Great Falls Tribune reports the hoax alert generated at least four calls to police to see if it was true."

Random Zombie Bite! They Want To Strip Your Flesh

I have this flick in my list with Netflix but have yet to watch it. Looks like one of those flicks that is so bad it is good so I am using the trailer that got me interested as our Random Zombie Bite Today....
Zombies Vs Strippers Trailer

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zombies Under Your Skin

I have not posted any Zombie Tats in a little bit because I like to give credit to the artist doing them, and Although I find pics there is not always an artist name. I did find some cool Zombie tats (some good some okay) from the site
So here are some Zombies under your skin

If this is the Barbara the Zombies are after, they are fucked!!!

If the Zombie Apocalopyse is topless chicks with guns things are looking up!

Random Zombie Bite Original vs. Remake: Night of the Living Dead

Here is a video I found that shows clips from George Romero's  1968 Classic Night of the Living Dead and the same clips from Tom Savini's Remake in 1990.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Something we Dug up on the Net!

From the files of, "Something we Dug up on the Net!" 
This one is pretty straight forward as far as instructions go.

Random Zombie Bite from Planet Terror

Our Random Zombie Bite comes from Robert Rodriguez his 2007 Grind House flick Planet Terror (still the better of the two no matter how much Tarantino gets more credit and praise for the film, his part being Death Proof, Not saying his was bad, but Robert's was better)

Planet Terror Cops get Attacked

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Something we Dug up on the Net!

From the files of, "Something we Dug up on the Net!"

Found this one while searching the hordes...Kind of makes you feel unwanted about getting through the whole Zombie thing. But Still funny...

Random Zombie Bite... Fido

Our random Zombie bite today comes from Lions Gate Films . Fido is a story about a boy and his Zombie.
"In a 1950s-era alternate universe where domesticated zombies play a functional role in society by delivering the milk, carrying the mail, and even helping out with household chores, one boy is about to find out just how big of a personal responsibility "pet" ownership truly is. When the Earth passed through a cloud of space dust and the dead arose from their graves to devour the flesh of the living, it first seemed that all hope for humanity was lost. Society's rapid slide into chaos, however, was soon halted when scientists at a company called ZomCom created a special collar that turned the rampaging animated corpses docile. Now, thanks to ZomCom, everything is under control -- or is it? Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) isn't quite convinced. Quiet and withdrawn, the skeptical young boy spends so much time locked away in his room that he's almost become invisible around the household. His mother Helen (Carrie-Anne Moss) has recently purchased a zombie to help keep things tidy around the house though, and when the creature attempts to engage the curious youngster in a game of catch, a friendship is forged between boy and zombie that finds the amiable gut-muncher nicknamed Fido (Billy Connolly) practically becoming a part of the family. Things take a turn for the worse however, when Fido's collar malfunctions and Timmy's neighbors begin dying in droves. When ZomCom's top zombie control specialist Mr. Bottoms (Henry Czerny) moves in across the street from Timmy, the increasingly complicated situation threatens to place a serious stumbling block in the path of human-zombie relations." ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Movie data provided by AMG
Fido is a great flick, with some good one liners and plenty of Zombies. Here is the trailer.

Fido the Trailer

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before The Walking Dead was a TV series Zombie Hunters City Of The Dead was a hit!!

Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead. 

I found these guys through my facebook page a while ago.
Before the Walking Dead was a TV hit and still just on the comic books stands, Zombie Hunters City of the Dead was an Independently produced cable horror hit. I could try and describe the whole thing here. But really I would only be repeating what they have already wrote. Zombie Hunters City of the Dead is survival show (much like what the Walking Dead is now) and has it's own page that you can go to and check out the shows origin. After all I am here just to pass along info on great Zombie finds. (Unless I have original stuff then I will pimp the shit out of it myself)

Zombie Hunters City of The Dead Series Trailer

Cracked tells us Six Characters show up in every Zombie Flick

Every Zombie movie has certain types of characters involved in the plot, like the "betrayer", the "expert" and the "sacrifice".'s  has put together a list of who they are and what to look for as well as "recommended courses of action" to take care of each. Honestly after looking over this article you can use this for just about any horror flick but we talk about Zombies here so these are Six Characters who show up in every Zombie flick..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Survive a Zombie Attack: An Instructional film from Bad Idea

How to Survive a Zombie Attack: An Instructional film from Bad Idea. In our never ending quest to keep you alive when the undead shit hits the fan here is a video created by Bad Idea Films. The disclaimer here is that the video is not accurate so relax it is just for fun. And after all that is what this blog is about so sit back and enjoy.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Friday, February 1, 2013

Zombie T-Shirt of The Week Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

With the trend of Keep Calm type logos and t-shirts I figured this one would be appropriate for this week. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies. It is from the Zazzle website and it is Created By Caliburr: who also has iPhone covers with the same logo.

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies