Friday, March 29, 2013

ACU Zombie Hunter Patch

Want your own Zombie Hunter Patch for your ACU (Army Combat Uniform) You can get them @
USA Military For $5.99 Plus Shipping

Random Zombie Bite!!! The Dancing Dead

Found this one this morning searching for Gangs of Zombies..This was better

While protecting their territory, an east LA gang comes across an unusual intruder.

I am a huge fan of the TV series "The Walking Dead" so I came up with this :)

Written/Directed/Edited by Daniel Cloud Campos
The Dancing Dead

Somthing we Dug Up on the Net!!! Zombie Child

 She looks like a creepy lil' flesh eater fucker doesn't she?


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Want to be a Zombie? Ask Jim!!!!

Alright So my buddy Jim Charette can make you into a Zombie without the nasty biting and infection. I know I have posted stuff by Jim Before telling you he can make you a Zombie, but I post stuff from people I don't know all the time, so to help out a friend, well It is my blog and I can do that. Plus come on he paints some cool pictures. To see more of his work you can go to his facebook page  The Art Of Jim Charette 
Anyway below are a couple I picked off his page to highlight

For you Skaters out there, how is this for original?

And also even though this painting is not a Zombie, I wanted to include it because I thought is was pretty kick ass. Jim was commisioned to do this Painting and it is not complete, but I wanted to share....
it's the native american version of the vampyre-a jumlin

Here is an explanation of the painting "it's based on a native American myth of vampyres-the original was called jumlin and he was a demon who found someone to bring him into this world with promises of a better life and when he got here he took over his body and started raping and cannibalizing everyone he wanted to-cool right?!"

Very Cool Indeed!!!!

Want to see some more paintings and art by Jim Charette?
Or Info on how he can make you and your loved ones part of the undead Hordes (at least Visually)  
Go to his page The Art Of Jim Charette

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombies need Love too!!!

Apparently Zombies need love also...Going with the equality theme of a recent post I found this one, it gets going around 1:34
Scene from Dance Of the Dead Zombie Love scene

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We are all really just Zombie Food!!!

Searching the world of the Undead I was looking for something related to food, a themed restaurant, or foods themed after Zombie type stuff. Well I came across the obvious when you enter Zombie Foods into your google bar. We are Zombie food. Fabulous Freaky's Zombie Food is not a website that caters fabulous zombie themed parties with finger foods and blood punch, but a clothing website that makes you look more appetizing to the walking dead. Or at least you can go out in style. Directly from their home page...

"Not all of us will survive the zombie apocalypse so why not do it in style! Whether you are stating "what you are made of" or just looking for a wearable, yet fashionable Halloween outfit, we have a shirt for you!"

If you are rather plump and let's face it cardio-wise you are not getting away from those fast moving fuckers. the Big and Juicy Shirt is for you

Or maybe you are petite and well as far as Zombie food goes Snack Size

So you think because you went to college you are smart? Think again! You are just more appetizing and you can wear the Collegiate Brand 

Maybe you are into extra curricular Activities Chemical-wise. Well to a Zombie you have Artificial Flavors

And if you are like me and it comes down to the end, you are all out of ammo, and do not stand a chance in hell. You are going to hold up your middle finger to these flesh eating pricks and tell them to just Eat Me!!! but with style and in a shirt that backs it up.

Zombie Shirt of The Week!!!

It as been a while since we posted one of these but here are two shirts I really liked doing a little online window shopping...Found both looking at (Zombie Shirts) 

Zombie Equality

We here at Revolution Dead, without getting political (because this is not a forum for that) are all for the Government staying out of people's business and think if a gay couple (man or woman, although being a guy the woman stuff is hotter at least on DVD) want to get married, well they should  be able to do it. We also think if Zombies were smart enough to be able to get together and do whatever it is they do (besides groan and eat flesh) they should be able to do that also. so here is our equality contribution for the day

Random Zombie Bite!!! Decay

Today while looking up the word "Decay" I came across the Trailer for the flick Decay. Some info about it below...

Trapped underground at the world's largest particle accelerator, a group of students make a deadly discovery.

DECAY is a zombie film made and set at the LHC, by physics PhD students. It will be released free online, under a Creative Commons license.

Decay Official Website:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When the Heels are full Zombies will walk the Earth!!

For that special Zombie crazed lady in your life or for you if you are that special Zombie loving woman The Gold Digger Zombie Platform If you are into shoes and the undead well this is the high heel for you. And when the Heels are full Zombies will walk the Earth!!!! From Iron Fist Here is

Suport Zombies or Run Like Hell!!!

For just ten Cents a Day you could feed Joe the Zombie all the brains he could eat or just show your support with a Zombie Ribbon...

We support a lot of things in this world and they have made ribbons for just about everything well here are a few for you Zombie supporters out there.

We're Back Random Zombie Bite 2 For 1!!!!

We are back from Vacation and ready to bring you more from the world of the undead. Here is a quick Zombie Bite two fro One to get you back in the mood and to hold your flesh eating bellies over till we can get back on track.
This looks like your basic Zombie flick From Alienstone Entertainment Long Live The Dead

And had to try entering Ninja Zombies and Got a hit on YouTube It is actually Called Ninja Zombies

Friday, March 15, 2013

Get in the Zone!!!

Get Bitten, crave human flesh, get in the Zone..... Zone of the Dead
Euro Zombies are attacking again! InterPol agents must join forces with dangerous prisoner to fight zombie hordes.
(Also known as "2012: Apocalypse of the Dead").

Zombie Tools Rules!!!!!

"Can't Save The World? Then prepare for its End" That is one of many motto's on the Zombie Tools :Accessories for the Apocalypse Website. They have some kick ass Blades Like this Bone Machete  Link to Blades page

Some cool fucking shirts Link to Merch page 
Like the I hate Zombies T

The Fist Full Of Fuck Yeah T

And this Dickbag never looked so good The Zombie Che Guevara T-Shirt

All In all A Great Fucking Site The Blades can be expensive and some have a long wait but it's never to late to prepare for the end people go check out Now!

Before it is too Late!!!

He Got All of That One!!!!

Swingin' For the Fences Zombie Apocalypse Style!!!
When your only weapon is a bat Swing for the fences!!!

Zombie Batman

Holy Brain Eating Mother Fucking Batman! Batman!

You Never Know!!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Grindhouse style

Real grindhouse looking shit High Heels From Hell VS The Undead Directed By Peter G Booth

Random Zombie Bite!!! Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

The Cycle Sluts are an all-girl biker gang and a life on the open road is fine, but everyone needs a little rest and recuperation now and then and the girl hope to let their hair down and chill out in the small, desert town of Zariah. It's hard to kick back and chill though when you are surrounded by the living dead. You can read more about this movie at:

Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zombie Finger

 Thumb Wrestling? Fuck that! Watch out for those Zombie Fingers! Brings a new meaning to finger licking good!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Night 2

There really is no explaining this one...Just watch

Zombie Night 2

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lords Of Salem!!!! Zombie without the Zombies

Okay this is  not about "Zombies" but Director Rob Zombie has a new Flick coming out that looks like the fucking Shit!
Also below Zombie (Rob that is) talks about the film
Lords Of Salem

Escape Those Pesky Flesh Eatin' Bastards?

 Words to live by.....Really you can live if you get into open water!....Unless we get Zombie sharks than you are fucked!!!

7 Zombie Related Items from Cowshake

Found a list of 7 Zombie Goodies from the net via One of these I have posted in the past like the
Zombies hate fast food T

But some of the other items are pretty fun if you are a fan of the undead. Like the Zombie Energy Drink, this quote from cowshake, "Humans might use it to stay awake and alert. Zombies might use it to get that little kick needed to finally catch up with those fast running brains. "

Or my favorite from this article (at least visually) was the Brain Burger. Made out of a Food truck in London and with real brains (be it cow brains, but still real)

 There are some other great items, follow the link at the top or here 7 Zombie related Items to read all about them on the website

Something we Dug up on the Net!!! No Zombie Razzing!!!

I guess this beach is covering all bases regarding law suits etc... So people please don't razz with the Zombies!!! And keep your dogs off the fucking beach!!!

Zombie Intellectual Society

Zombie Gump

Not only did he bumble his way through life, now this fucker is bumbling his way through death still waiting at the bus stop eating brains...

Random Zombie Bite!!! 28 Days Later meets benny Hill!!!

Add the Benny Hill theme to just about anything and it will make it funny.
28 Days Later with Benny Hill Theme

Friday, March 8, 2013

Closed for the weekend

See You Next Tuesday!!!! (well Monday really, but that would not work for the word.... well you know)

Random Zombie Bite!!! Honest Abe kicks Zombie Ass Also

With the new interest in Abraham Lincoln here is yet something else the President had on his plate.
Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies

Synopsis: "While the Civil War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task - destroying the Confederate Undead" And when Abe isn't killing Zombies here is his other job killing Vampires, When did he find time to win the Civil War?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Walking Dead Birthday!!!

Found this pic on the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Facebook page  Nice!!!

Zombies under your Skin!!!!

Found some great Zombie Tats. Really enjoyed seeing Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty as members of the living dead. The rotting foot and the Zombie Pinup. Wish I had a cre4dit to post for all these (can say Strawberry Shortcake has one on the pic)

Zombie Candy Sweet Undead Chewy Treats

Looking for something a to post I came across Zombie Candy from New Zealand an article written by's Jasonliebig  Sweetmans Zombie Chews have not yet made it here in the US but the packaging looks like a fun sweet treat from my childhood (you remember those days you could eat shit tons of sugar and not get fat) well enjoy the article until they hopefully invade our candy stores from New Zealand

Random Zombie Bite!!! Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies

From the vault of cheese today we get Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies Enjoy!!! (Cast and synopsis info below if you want to go further in depth to locate this flick)

During World War II, a small German squadron was assigned the task of carrying a shipment of Nazi gold across the African dessert. Along the way, the squadron was ambushed by the Allies, and only one American survived who knew the secret. Years later, the American survivor tells his story to a cutthroat German treasure hunter, who promptly murders him. The American survivor's son, upon learning of his father's death, vows to travel to Africa and find the lost gold himself. While the desert is hazardous enough by itself, the dangers lurking around this oasis are more than any of the treasure hunters flesh eating Nazi zombies stand in their way to an unknown fortune.

Starring: Manuel Gelin, France Lomay, & Jeff Montgomery
Director: Jesus Franco

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Zombie Bite!!!! Party's Ovah!!!

I love this scene from Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. The mother fucker uses a lawnmower to take apart the living dead!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zombie Jerky...Yum!

Teriyaki flavour Beef Jerky. Made with Zombie flesh*!!! Now you can turn the tide and eat some Zombie!!! Zombie Jerky is Teriyaki flavour and can satisfy you flesh eating bastards out there all in a little pouch. I found this @ Zombie Shop  a website out of the UK. So if you are hungry to eat some dried out Zombie ass order some Zombie Jerkey...Yum! (please note I don't know if that is the actual part you would receive in your bag if you are into that sort of thing)  

Zombie Door Stop

You may Not be able to stop the Zombie hordes from Knocking down the door, but you Can stop the door from closing with this Zombie Door Stop