Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stormtrooper Zombies!!

Farting Baby Zombie!!!

Farting Baby Zombie from Black Hills Foam Works. Nuff Said here!! Just Watch!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Zombie Headshots from Zombie Wars!!!

A glorious montage of headshots from the film "Zombie Wars", directed by David A. Prior. Musical number "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Zome Zombie Home Decor?

We even show a bit of Home decore here at Rev Dead...Nice!! Just don't wake up on the couch half asleep!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! It's not Delivery It's Delivery during the Zombie Apocalypse!!

Sometimes the Pizza has to get their even During the Zombie Apocalypse
 It's not Delivery It's Delivery during the Zombie Apocalypse

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! (you can stil enjoy the adventure :)

Your mission starts here!

OBJECTIVE: Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being KILLED by the zombies.

Writer, Director & Editor LOGAN McMILLAN

Production Manager FLIP GRATER
Grip / B Camera ANDREW DEAN
Practical Effects CHESTER DEXTAR
Data Wrangler SIMON RYAN
Makeup Assistant JULIE CLARK


Zombie Babe Of The Week!!! Unknown Origin!!!

Not Quite sure if the Zombie Apocalypse happened at a wedding, a club or a hospital but here you go...

We're Back!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rev Dead is On Vacation!!! See You Next Week...If we don't get Zombiefied!!!

Rev Dead is off for a few days, We will return next week with more Zombie Fun, For now we are taking a few of the Undead bastards with us...

As Always while we are gone...

Random Zombie Bite of The Dead!!!! Giant George A. Romero Post!!

This week we are going on Vacation so I am giving you a Giant Random Zombie Bite!!! George A. Romero Style.... Our Random Zombie Bite of the Dead!!!

Zombie Babe and Zombie Hunter of the Week Two For One!!!

Since We will be on Vacation the coming week I figured I would give you all a two for one Zombie and Zombie Hunter Babe of The week to hold you over till we get back from sloshing through the beach going Zombie hordes.
First is our Zombie Babe of the week looking a little worse for wear after a long school girl day of eating flesh.  We found her on zombieambience She may look tired but don't get too close she will bite your face off.


And Our hunter again comes from The Addicted To Girls And Guns Facebook Page (if you enjoy looking at either Girls or guns I highly suggest it)
This chick looks about ready to kick any Zombie's ass. And if you are following behind you are probably watching hers, of course I mean protecting it.

Addicted To Girls and Guns

Friday, July 19, 2013

Closed for Weekend Zombie Hunting!!!

See You Monday But as Always...

Movies in a Zombie World!! 40 Year Old Virgin!!

He's Dead, He's 40 and He's Horny!!!

Zombie Hunter Babe Of The Week!!!

We want to give equal time to our Zombie Hunter Babes of the week also so Mondays are for the Zombies but Fridays are for the Zombie killers, Kind of a book ends of Beauties...
Okay she may not be a "Zombie Hunter" But Hot chick with a gun... just your imagination...We find lots of ladies with guns on the Addicted to Guns and Girls Facebook Page Go over and like them!!

Found on Addicted to Guns and Girls Facebook Page

Zombie Apocalypse? I'm Ready!!!

Zombie Apocalypse? I'm Ready, Are you?

Random Zombie Bite!!! Return of The Living Dead 5 Rave To The Grave!!

 This one looks a lot darker than the original but worth a watch if you enjoy the Living Dead Series....

Camping Zombies!!

Nothing like Fresh BRRRRAAAIIINNSS!!.... on an open Fire!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zombie Hands!!!

The Zombie hand coming out of the ground (or at it's victim for that matter) has always been Iconic shot. So I figured I would search the web for some cool Shots and post them. There are far too many for me to post here but these were some of the ones that caught my eye.  All have a link to the artist or the place where I found each.

iPadwalls Depot

A College Students Guide to Surviving a Zombie Attack


Wallpaper Found Here

Carlson Illustration

Design Monkey

Simon Schultz Photography

Der Halloween Blog

Tulsa Art Spot

How about a little Justice for Zombies?

Nobody is poping you in the head everytime you drool and go Arrrgg!!

Random Zombie Bite!!! Slime City Massacre!!

Never knew there was a Slime City, but this is the sequel to that flick. Slime City Massacre I would say is a Zombie "Type" film

SLIME CITY MASSACRE, the 2010 sequel to Gregory Lamberson's 1988 cult horror film SLIME CITY. SCM stars Jennifer Bihl, horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, dynamite Debbie Rochon, badass Lee Perkins, original SLIME CITY stars Robert Sabin and Mary Bogle, and scream queen Brooke Lewis, with appearances by Roy Frumkes, Lloyd Kaufman, Angelina Leigh and Tommy Sweeney. In post apocalyptic NYC, four possessed "Slime Heads" battle corporate mercenaries and mutant cannibals for survival! "Slime Flies When You're Having Fun."

How Do You Survive a Zombie Attack Unarmed and Possibly Cornered?

How do you survive a Zombie attack unarmed and possibly cornered?
We have gone over weapons and survival items needed to get your ass through a Zombie attack..And Ideally you would want something like this (picture below)...Well stocked and ready to kick a little Zombie ass.

But what if you have an encounter and you run out of ammo or have to get through a small pack of Zombies? Or even better just one on one deadhead, Mano e Zombie!!

Some of you are fucked, and let's face it like the buffalo we don't need the slow ones bringing the group down.....Sorry Charlie!

Thanks for the sacrifice buddy...

One thing you do not want to do when confronting a Zombie is make any type of Contact with it's teeth...

So punching them in the face is just fucking stupid. Although a Dickpunch would be funny...

Don't be a jackass!
If at all possible avoid them completely or beat them senseless with any object you can swing like a bat

If nothing is available you want to get away. Obviously if you are not a complete idiot if you have plenty of running room to your back...GO THAT WAY!!!

If you are cornered you have to get creative. Zombies usually don't have great motor skills and are stumbling bumbling drooling fuckbags (If we are talking fast  moving Zombies that is a whole new post, let's just stick with traditional slow movers, and stop asking questions and screwing me up!!!)

Now keep in mind even these slow moving bastards can be dangerous, their strength is in numbers.. So Don't get cocky and caught..

Translation. Don't be that asshole in the movie everyone wants to see get his face eaten off.

Or are they making out? Anyway! Let's rewind...(sound FX here)
If you are cornered you have to get creative. Zombies usually don't have great motor skills and are stumbling bumbling drooling fuckbags (again before you interupt, we are strictly dealing with slow movers here) One on one use their momentum against them like a Fucking Steven Seagal Flick, Akido move...

Or just step the fuck out of the way the drooling idiot should move right past you..

And as he or she is wondering what just happened...
You can get to fucking stepping, bravely to your next challenge in this Zombie World.

So let's review.
If you don't have shit loads of these.

And you can't do this
You can A. Run to an open space Like fat boy below.
B. Hope you have a slow unlikeable dickbag in the group who takes one for the team.
Thanks again!!

Or C.Be creative outmaneuver and get the fuck out of dodge.

Always remember no hand to teeth combat...

otherwise you are screwed!

I know this is all common sense type stuff, but you would also think anyone who is in a Zombie movie or TV show would have seen a Zombie Movie or TV show in their life before the shit hit the fan!!!